Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Walk in Japan

 A Walk in Japan

As the wind blows south and north, as bird flies east and west, and as airplane goes up and down, here I am talking a walk in Japan. Couldn't ask for a better place to spend my 6th semester in.

If there's one thing that I like the most from walking in Japan is the Streetstyle! I love it when I don't have to bother how weird or strange my outfit would be, cause everyone's dressing as they'd like to dress! Freedom of style, yes that would be the right word. One plus two equals three, three weeks I've been walking here in Japan and I noticed one thing about Japanese girls, they never go out without make up! Not trying to be judgy here, but that's the fact, most of them even wear thick make ups. I'm not saying which is good which is not, people are free to embrace their 'ness'! :D

It's spring in Japan but do you wonder why I wear shorts? the answer is simple, cause it looks better with shorts and over knee socks. haha! but I always bring my coat with me tho! :)


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Perks of Having No Phone

Perks of Having No Phone

People who say that phone's their life, it's a lie! When you live without any phone, that's when you can have a real life or perhaps finding your life. Life that depends on phones produces more social feeling  on the pseudo world of social #ifyouknowwhatimean. Why do people say that phone's is their life? Because probably you don't have any other interest beside chit chatting and being exist in the cyber world. Or maybe you're a very busy person and you keep all your schedule and contacts there. Or maybe you don't want to waste your 5 minutes queuing for food or ticket (that's what most people do, when they feel bored they'll take their phone out and check it as if something urgent happens).

So my 2.5 years old phone's broke and I've been living for a week without any phone :( But by looking on the bright side, I found 3 perks of having no phone.
Frist, you got time for things you think you don't have time for. Like, writing a blog! HA! Or perhaps like daydreaming cause that's when ideas come, creative people do need to daydream! #definitely. Phone = disturbance, When you live with your phone, you're not free enough to do whatever you want to do. Some will say that sky's the limit but I'll say phone's the limit. You can't let your mind wanders long enough cause after 2 minutes, your phone rings and you forget what you've wandered before. When you want to go to sleep, you can't cause your phone keeps disturbing you by ringing, when you want to eat you have to take pics of it several times to get the best one > edit > post it on instagram then you'll wait for how many likes you'll get (or not haha!) Or when you want to do things you always do when you're alone, you can't cause you have to report it to your boyfriend (if any & not always haha!). For all the 'me-timers' a.k.a people who like to have their 'me-time', without phone you probably will have more 'me time' so break your phone! #justkidding #notfunny

Second, you can be very productive when you don't have any phone with you. Remember why you can't use your study time effectively? Remember why you can't finish your assignments on time? It's all because of your phone, phone, PHONE! Or maybe the people or the world inside the phone but still, it's because of your phone! (Even if your phone is still Nokia 1110 and you can't stop playing snake! haha!) You can't be productive all day long cause you're too busy playing with your phone, chatting, scrolling over instagram, path, pinterest, etc, etc #basedontruestory.

Third, you can feel what anti-social people would feel. Yes, anti-social, well not really if you still have ipod, iPad or laptop with you, it will still just increase your anti-social level by percentage not higher than 50%. But still, you'll be anti-social.

I don't say that I'm happy with having no phone which I have to hold it on for another 2 weeks :( but I'm grateful though cause I have time to pour my thoughts into words and post this :D (even no one is interested to read haha!)
My advice of the day #AOTD is, when your phone's broke, don't be sad and just live with it! :)

EYY regards,

Friday, February 21, 2014

Embrace Your Youness!

Hello there! Finally!!
Seriously this is my 3rd attempt to be a blogger, gosh, bet I spent too long thinking about this and that, you know things like insecurity, doubt and else. Trying to blog and be a good blogger is freakin hard (you know first step is always the hardest), if it's not what you really want or what you're passionate about, you'll never EVER be one. It's like going on a diet, you're being very anti-food for the very first and two days then the days after... you eat as if you never eat for a month! #iknowi'mbeingtooexaggerated and yes that's why I came up with EYY! Embrace Your Youness! 

I believe over billions and countless human beings on this earth, there is NO one that's identically the same! Even twins, you may never be the same person. Just like twin towers, they're twin physically but they got different things inside and the numbers of nail used to build the two tower are also different! The only thing exists is s-i-m-i-l-a-r-i-t-y (bet it's too long if you literally spell it) similarity, you got the same hobbies, same favorite stuffs, same perspective, same values, even same crush and the other same-sames, but you'll never completely be identical. Therefore, I really appreciate one thing that God had given to us, that's our uniqueness! And I'm proudly holding this uniqueness that God had granted me by embracing my my-ness! EMM! :D

If Miley Cyrus wants to twerk on stage in front of millions of people till her fiancé broke the engagement, let her be! If Justin Bieber wants to look for troubles by speeding, drugs, broke up with Selena Gomez and else, let him be! He's over his puberty and he knows exactly what he's doing, HA! If Lady Gaga wants to pour meats all over her body, let her be! It's her embracing her her-ness! That's why in order to be irreplaceable one has to be different. yes? :) AND if you want to post pictures of your dogs, cats, coffee, magazines, novels, branded stuffs, selfies frequently, just keep it up! Either it's good or bad, people will still talk about you, so just go on, you got my full support :D ANOTHER AND, if you want to use so many has tags ####### to get so many likes and followers, go on! There's nothing wrong in sharing your pictures, unless if you do it for pride, haha! but still, even if you do it for your pride and it makes you happy, it's okay, there's no harm in using so many hash tags #####, right? Even when you try to write and blog using the wrong grammer #grammar, just go on! There are only 2 possibilities, either people will laugh at you or they won't even notice ;)

Anyway, what I mean by embracing your youness it doesn't mean that if you're addicted to drugs you're free to keep it on. No No. My EYY is always something positive, it's more to embrace your true self, your true color, image, values, beliefs and else and else! :)

Hence, this is the end of my prologue for my new blog, EYY!

EYY regards,
tjansylvia xxo